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How Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law Only Hurts Pakistan

There have been quite a number of other articles written on the unfairness of Blasphemy laws, but here I would like to concentrate on how these laws hurt the society, not just the minority members of the society.

Now, it is true that they do what they are designed to do, eliminate the very thing that differentiates Man from any other living thing.  That “thing” is the ability to think, to reason, and to adjust, as new information becomes available.  Actually, even animals know enough to change their behavior when the circumstances warrant it.  The avowed purpose of any Blasphemy Law is to eliminate the possibility of change which, in essence, eliminates any examination of the underlying premise.  What can have a more dampening effect on innovation and progress than killing anyone who might question the way things are done now?  What can be more of an obstacle to finding God, than to forcibly prevent people from searching for him?  One might suggest that everything which is “wrong” with Islam can be found in the need by some of its adherents to prevent any discussion on what Islam means to the individual, whether he be a Muslim, or from some other faith.

Some have argued that it is not the Blasphemy Law that is at fault, but the problem lies in the way it is applied.  I reject this point of view, for the reasons already stated.  Whether or not Islam is responsible for the myriad of problems which many Islamic countries face is not up to me to decide, but the absolute legal and societal restrictions which forbid even asking certain questions might be a characteristic that needs further examination.